Science geeks invent pill to get women to have sex with Beta-males … and millions are already taking it.

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And this pill has been known colloquially for decades as “the Pill.”  CNN’s resident PIV-positive mansplainer Ian Kerner reports that the results of a recent study published in Scientific American reveal that many women who were on the hormonal birth control pill while choosing their mate, and then went off the Pill after getting married, woke up one day to realize they were sleeping next to a giant dork.  And the women weren’t happy about it.

From the article:

[…] women with lower testosterone levels – typically caused by the use of hormone-based oral contraceptives like the pill – are more attracted to men who also have low testosterone levels.

Previous studies have shown that the less testosterone a man has, the less likely he is to cheat, the more supportive he is, and the better he is at providing for his family. Sounds good, right?

Not quite. Previous studies…

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  1. la redactora says:

    I am not sure how accurate the science of the above story is, but I have always been suspicious of the fact that the pill lowers testosterone. I was put on it in early high school for bad cramps and heavy periods. Who knows what kind of affect that might have had on a developing body?
    This is what Wikipedia has to say about testosterone:

    such as increased muscle, bone mass, and the growth of body hair.[3] In addition, testosterone is essential for health and well-being[4] as well as the prevention of osteoporosis.[5]

    Another study found a correlation between testosterone and risk tolerance in career choice among women.[57] Literature suggests that attention, memory, and spatial ability are key cognitive functions affected by testosterone in humans.

    Of course, unlike some misogynists I do not believe that testosterone is the greatest most magical hormone ever–but, women are meant to have it. It is a naturally occurring hormone in our bodies, just as much as it is in the bodies of men.

    Do you think for one minute that if there were a birth control pill that reduced men’s natural testosterone (we aren’t talking about trans here, just non-insane men) that they would all hop on board like women have? No way, no how.

    But most women I know do not even realize they have testosterone in their bodies, because it is a “male” hormone. And the doctors, funfems, and pharmaceutical companies are more than happy for this ignorance to persist, because viva la sexual revolution (and their pocketbooks) baby! Get out your teaspoons, ladies! A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down…

    • Mary Sunshine says:

      Thanks, LR.

      Thing is, some lesbians are right now taking the pill for the same reasons that you had this prescribed for you, and it is affecting them.

      • la redactora says:

        No problem, Mary. Thanks for asking me over :-).

        and it is affecting them.

        How so? Mentally, physically, or what?

  2. Mary Sunshine says:

    It will affect lesbians in all of the ways that a lowering of the *natural* level of testosterone in any female will do.

    Of course, this doesn’t get studied, because female biology doesn’t matter to them, only female fuckabilty.

    • la redactora says:

      Well yes, I gathered that. I just didn’t know if they had relayed any specific side affects to you. I was not on it for very long, no more than a few years (but again, was developing, so who knows) but I wonder/worry about women who are on it for

  3. smash says:

    The pill is bad news! I was on it for 10 years, and am now realizing how destructive it can be. My mom was on it for endometriosis, and she got a clot. Mary, thanks for raising awareness!

    • la redactora says:

      I almost forgot about the clot and stroke issues, which supposedly have been “minimized” with newer formulas. But they still take the time to warn you about smoking/age and whatnot on the label. What they don’t say (or at least, not when I
      was taking them) is anything about the testosterone issue.

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