Neo-vagina? Or second asshole?

Bwah-ha-hah-ha-hah!! I love me some Scum-0-Rama


there is absolutely NO non-patriarchal, non-misogynist reason to regard this structure as a neo-vagina rather than a second asshole.  this structure is EXACTLY as much a vagina as it is an asshole: which is to say that it is neither.  if you must, call it a second asshole, because at least thats not misogynist.  its still patriarchal though.  as if patriarchal medicine could create an actual asshole!  it cant.

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  1. KittyBarber says:

    So if an asshole has two assholes, does that make him a triple threat?

  2. Mary Sunshine says:

    Two-two-two for the price of one!! 😀

  3. It does by NO way look like a vagina lol. It looks like a fat thumb or something like that…

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