Brielle Harrison @nyteshade @Facebook (Internet)

Expect to be censored on Facebook. Women are no longer “exclusively” XX chromosome. Female facebook members who speak in contradiction of that lie will be identified and expunged. There are male authorities (posing as women) within the organization officially appointed and acting to ensure that.

Gender Identity Watch


Brielle Harrison is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He is also a Facebook engineer who implemented the multiple gender options on Facebook. He has made public statements that he censored Gender Identity Watch.

Harrison does not apply Facebook’s Community Standards; rather, he engages in censorship of political speech by Women, Lesbians and Gay Men.


He is also Facebook friends with some of the most rabid transwomen misogynists on the Internet, including:


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One Response to Brielle Harrison @nyteshade @Facebook (Internet)

  1. kesher says:

    I guess it figures that one of the many transwomen in tech would be responsible for this. Facebook routinely refuses to pull down blatantly racist, homophobic, and misogynistic content, even and including threats of violence and videos of violence against minorities, gays, and women. But merely document gender identity issues with no overt hate speech as Gender Identity Watch does, and one of the many MTFs on Facebook’s staff will pull the page immediately, in direct contradiction to Facebook’s stated community guidelines.

    Brielle Harrison ought to be fired for this behavior.

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