Direct replacement of ‘sex’ with ‘gender’ in U.S. passport and Social Security policies

Guess the boys have formally declared that female biology doesn’t matter anymore. Unless they want to punish the shit out of us for actually having it.

Sex matters.


At the federal level, pro-gender lobbyists have been successful in changing both Social Security and United States passport policy. Instead of requiring a “sex change operation,” the new policies merely require a physician’s attestation of “appropriate clinical treatment” (social security) or “gender-related care” (passports) of any kind. Mere psychiatric treatment is acceptable, as if sex were just in your mind.

It continues to amaze that this degree of semantic sloppiness is considered acceptable in the official federal policies of the United States government. It represents some of our nation’s highest authorities’ participation in direct replacement of a legal category intended to denote physical and biological ‘sex’ with that of a subjectively described ‘gender’ identity. As I have noted many times before, the words ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ are different terms with different meanings and realities. The terms do not sound alike, are not spelled alike, and should not be intellectually difficult to keep separate. And yet, there…

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One Response to Direct replacement of ‘sex’ with ‘gender’ in U.S. passport and Social Security policies

  1. anonymous says:

    Thank you for this well-sourced announcement. I hope there will be some comments which point out the anti-woman consequences. The first thing I thought was, are any scientific studies purporting to show differential rates of crime or victims or other important behavioral differences between men and women based on analyzing passport or social security sex? If so, such studies are now utterly illegitimate. Source by source, data bases showing sex differentials are being made illegitimate. Studies which include men who have hired M.D.s to write a note saying they are gender-questioning or trans should be ignored by any reputable scientific journal. I wonder when the scientists who are working on legitimate studies will finally call a halt. If they do not, nothing any scientific study says about “women” will have any validity any more.

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