House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee Transgender Inquiry: A critique

The link to the article below has been censored by facebook. When I tried to post the link to a group that I’m in, fb reared up and told me that the content that I am trying to post has been labeled as abusive. Oh, my. -_- getting too close to the tr@nny truth?

Women Analysing Policy on Women

The report of the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee Transgender inquiry contains much to welcome. It highlights the discrimination, harassment and violence experienced by too many transgender people and exposes the need to improve transgender people’s confidence in the criminal justice system. It makes important recommendations to ensure that transgender people receive the healthcare that they need and are treated with dignity and respect throughout the health service. It identifies the failure to implement the 2011 Advancing Transgender Equality Plan and recommends a new strategy. All these represent important steps in improving the lives of transgender people in the UK.

Unfortunately however the report, and the inquiry process that led to it, contain many serious shortcomings. Several of the recommendations of the inquiry, taken together, would undermine women only services. If these recommendations were adopted this would mean that women’s refuges, rape crisis centres and prisons would…

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